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Welcome to where you can advertise your business for free simply by setting up an account and creating your business profile page. This website is scanned by search engines daily and specializes in search engine optimization for your website. Simply by listing your business on this site you will increase your exposure to search engines and the customers you are looking for.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search engine optimization or (SEO) is not that complicated. All you have to do is have dynamic content that is relevant to what you do or sell that changes on a regular basis on your web site, a good title, good meta description, text links that go from page to page with in your site, text links that go from your site to other sites, and finally links back from other sites back to yours. This is where comes in. By creating a business profile page on you attract search engines to links back to your site. Make those links keywords that are relevant to what you do and or sell and BOOM you have done search engine optimization. Its NOT rocket science.

Be Ware Of Internet SEO Scams.
If you follow the simple instructions above you will NOT need a 3rd party to “Optimize Your Website.” There is no magic tool to do the job. Look at the logic which is obvious. Google and other search engines spend billions of dollars to make sure their software works correctly, and they are accurate in finding sites and connecting users to those sites accurately. There are certain things they look for in those sites. Those things are in the SEO paragraph I just laid out for you. If the search engines do their job (which they do) and your site has the right content and other specifics in the SEO paragraph, then you will be found. Plain and simple, $29, $39, or $49/mo is not going to get you the high rankings that all those scams are telling you are going to get so though those notices you get in the mail away and start posting links to your site on free sites like, there are a lot out there. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Yellow Pages, and others.

The Real Question:
Do I have a website that the search engines can find? Developing a website is all about having a good website developer that does the job right the first time, and gives the customer the ability to maintain the content and update the specifics in the SEO paragraph, when they want with out additional or residual cost. If you can do that your self then you have just saved your self a nice chunk of change, however, if you can’t or are uncomfortable with it, you need somebody you can trust to do it for you, otherwise you will spend more money in time and energy trying to do it your self and may not get it done right resulting in lost viewers or customers.

Website Developer You Can Trust:
If you are looking for a website developer that will treat you like a friend, get the job done right, and build you an incredible website then Digiworld Media is your company. Digiworld Media has developed sites that have doubled their customers sales, increased visibility and made wonderful lasting first impressions.
Digiworld Media builds sites that have all the flare but are also are search engine friendly and load quickly. They can produce animations, custom music composition, video clips, and even get aerial photography for their projects. No job is too big or small.
If you would like more information about Digiworld Media and how they can help you go to or call 281.337.7655 to speak with a product specialist.

Website Design and Development

Video Production, Television Commercials, Comcast Advertising

Aerial Photography, Galveston, Houston, Clear Lake, Texas

Music Production, Film Scoring, Music Composition, Post Production

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